Providing Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Insulation Services

Diversified Insulation has over 35 years of experience insulating commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Our client’s experience is our top priority, which is why we consistently go the extra mile to ensure you receive the highest quality service when you work with Diversified Insulation. We make it a point to thoroughly answer all customer questions and provide fair, honest estimates for all our projects.

We believe hard work, integrity and honesty provides reliable quality and the best customer service. When you need quality, you can be assured that Diversified Insulation go above and beyond to meet your insulation needs. Our team installs spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool and pipe insulation in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Residential insulation is the only home improvement method that immediately puts money back into your pocket 

Insulating your home has many benefits. It ensures the home is as energy-efficient and always comfortable. Reinsulating older homes is also equally effective in reducing energy bills, keeping pests from entering your home, and providing excellent sound control while increasing air quality – all while saving you money each month. Builders, businesses and home owners alike choose spray foam insulation as their preferred method of insulation, and we couldn’t agree more. Homeowners in Kenosha, Racine, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Libertyville, or North Chicago looking for insulation find that spray foam provides the most value.  

Spray Foam Insulation

If you are a homeowner, the quickest way to put money back in your pocket each month is to properly air seal your home. Air leakage is the primary cause of discomfort because it doesn’t regulate hot and cold spots within a home. It also allows access to unwanted pests such as insects, mice and rats to enter into your home unannounced. Diversified Insulation recommends spray foaming attics, basements, air ducts, walls and windows for premium protection. Our premium spray foam material has an excellent lifetime performance in three key areas:

  1. Highest Performing Material Spray foam has the highest R-Value per inch of any thermal application material.
  2. Control Mold And Mildew Spray foaming your home provides a secondary barrier to stop moisture vapor from causing damage to your home.
  3. Peace Of Mind Applying spray foam to your walls adds structural integrity,soundproofs rooms and provides an air tight seal against harmful pests.

Breathe Better Air 

The inhalation of toxic molds is a problem that homeowners may face if they have leaks in the structure of their home or live in an older home that is insulated with worn out fiber glass. Moisture can travel through irregular cracks in attics, walls, basements and windows which causes mold to grow. Over time, the air that blows through will pick up mold particles and circulate them throughout the home.

Luckily, applying spray foam insulation with Diversified Insulation’s premium materials will eliminate any infiltration and provide safe, clean air to your family. Our foam application does not emit harmful VOC’s or CFS’s. Our foam is made from a high quality polyurethane, a substance that cannot be eaten by pests.  

Save money and gain peace of mind with our whole house approach.

Elongate the life of your boilers, furnace, chillers and air conditioning systems with proper insulation. By insulating the walls, attics, basements, windows and walls of your home, the expensive systems in your home will not have to work as long or hard, thus extending their lives and saving you time and money. 

We know you will be pleased with the energy savings and peace of mind after insulating your home. For a free and honest quote, please call (262) 321- 4677

Commercial Insulation directly reduces overhead cost

Our team works with builders and owners to ensure commercial buildings are as energy-efficient as possible. Whether you are breaking ground or wanting to re-insulate an older building, Diversified Insulation will provide the highest quality service to businesses in the Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois region. The right insulation helps ensure the building will be structurally sound and energy efficient while lowering your heating and cooling bills.

We recommend that businesses insulate their commercial building with spray foam to block moisture and prevent mold growth while creating an air tight barrier that reduces energy costs without giving off any harmful chemicals. Applying spray foam around your office building will reduce sound pollution, leaving you in a quiet workspace and sound proof office.

If you are interested in insulation your commercial business in the Southeast Wisconsin or Northwest Illinois region, please call Diversified Insulation for an honest, free estimate at (262) 321- 4677

Industrial Insulation effectively saves time and money 

Save on utilities, breathe cleaner air, and elongate the life of your boilers, furnace, air conditioning systems, chillers, pipes, and equipment with proper insulation. Without proper insulation, freezing Wisconsin and Illinois temperatures can cause pipes to burst and water boilers to lose heat at inconvenient times. Keep your business operating at it’s highest potential by applying spray foam insulation to boilers, ducts, piping, walls and industrial equipment.  Diversified Insulation has 35 years of industrial insulation experience to provide excellent work and service. If you are interested in insulation your industrial business between Madison, Wisconsin or Chicago, Illinois area, please call Diversified Insulation for a free estimate at (262) 321- 4677