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Would you ever leave a window open in winter? Of course not, but get this- all the smalls gaps in your home combined could have the same impact on your indoor air quality as leaving a window propped open all day! That drafty door, holes for electrical fixtures and thin box sills all contribute to air leaks in your home. The trick is, not every air leak is visible to the naked eye. That is why Diversified Insulation uses FLIR thermal cameras upon inspection to map out inconsistent temperature spots. This informs our insulation technicians exactly what kind of gaps and holes to seal and where they are located.

Seal Up Air Leaks with Diversified

Air leaks are commonly found in a variety of places- both in the interior and exterior of a home. When they are not properly sealed, unconditioned outdoor air infiltrates the living space. This can cause unnecessarily high energy bills and poor air quality in certain cases. Moreover, pests have easy access into your home to make nests. Air leaks are typically found in:

  • Forced air ductwork
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Exterior walls
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Boxsills
  • Rim joists  

An Effective Investment

As much as 40% of energy loss in homes can be contributed to air leakages. Air leaks hinder the effectiveness of insulation and allows outside contaminates like moisture, dirt, pollen and pests to infiltrate your home- ultimately diminishing the health of your living space and indoor air quality. Diversified insulation provides comprehensive air sealing solutions that work to save you a significant amount money in the long run. We call it the Diversified Domino Effect.

By air sealing your home, less unconditioned air infiltrates your space which reduces the amount of output from your heating and cooling system. In turn, your home is cozy all year round- warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Your HVAC systems use less energy which lowers your energy bill and reduces the wear on your air conditioning system and furnace during rough Wisconsin winters.

To eliminate air leaks, improve your indoor air quality and increase the effectiveness of your insulation, schedule a visit with one of our trained specialists. Our specialists are insured, licensed and have years of hands-on experience. Utilizing FLIR thermal imaging technology, we will work with you to create comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of your family. Our team is passionate about providing energy efficient solutions to create healthier, more comfortable homes. 

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"Mike was very professional and energetic. I'm very happy with the work he did and would recommend your company for future business." - Mark M. April, 2021


"I was extremely impressed with the team at Diversified Insulation! After my initial call for an estimate, Mike was able to come to my house within 2 days. He was very thorough and extremely knowledgeable. He used FLIR thermal sensing technology to see where the temperature variations were throughout the house. He explained his recommended process very clearly and I was emailed an estimate that same day." - Chris L. March 2021


"We had a great experience with Diversified Insulation. Calling into the company we spoke to Crystal who got us set up immediately to get an estimator to our house that day. At our home, I met Mike Voss who was prompt, professional, and was very through with his help and support. He also gave solid recommendations on how to move forward with the issues we were having. After his help, he contacted us after to check in on things and I had told him I was having a hard time finding a roofer that would help us with what we needed. He then went above and beyond giving us a recommendation on who to go with —-who is also giving us a very quick turn around time. Without the help and support of Mike...we wouldn’t be able to move as quickly as we are with finding a solution to our issue. Thanks for your help, Mike. Highly recommend asking for Mike when calling in." - Helen X. March, 2021


"his thermal camera to show where the cold areas were and confirmed my suspicion that there were some insulation issues that could be fixed. He gave me several options to pursue and how we could correct the problem. Mike was very good to work with, very professional and friendly. I would recommend using this company again as it was a very positive experience." - Joel W. December, 2020

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Service Areas

Based out of Burlington, Wisconsin, Diversified Insulation provides services Fontana, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Mequon, Muskego, West Allis, New Berlin, Greendale, Franklin, East Troy, Whitewater, Elkhorn, Delavan, Union Grove, Burlington, Wind Point, Sturtevant, Franklin, Pleasant Prairie and Salem. We also provide air sealing services to the following Wisconsin counties: Milwaukee, Waukesha, Dodge, Jefferson, Kenosha, Racine, Walworth, Washington, and Ozaukee. 

In Illinois, we service Wadsworth, Winthrop Harbor, Zion, Rockford, Lindenhurst, Lake Villa, Round Lake, Waukegan and Richmond, as well as McHenry, Winnebago and Lake County.