The Expert Opinion on Spray Foam

There are a lot of options when it comes to insulation. And when its time to find the right solution for your needs, you can lean on the experts at Diversified Insulation. Our team has years of experience creating customized solutions for home owners and business owners alike. Generally, we've found that spray foam insulation is one of the best materials to use when insulating a pole barn, home or commerical building. Closed cell spray foam simultaneously seals up air leakages and provides a vapor barrier with a high R-value. When applied by a professional, spray foam insulation can:


  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce risk of mold
  • Maximize R-Value
  • Seal up drafts
  • Increase the structural integrity of building
  • Save on energy costs
  • Add defense against pests



Debate: Closed Cell or Open Cell Foam

There are many great debates in life. The chicken and the egg, how to pronounce "bag" (okay, maybe that's just a Wisconsin thing), but the greatest debate of them all is whether to use closed or open cell foam. Diversified Insulation has chosen to work with closed cell foam because we service zone 5 climates. The majority of our clients live in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Kenosha, Lake Geneva, Waukegan or Rockford Illinois where the weather is very volatile. These midwestern counties can see large temperature swings in a matter of days, especially in the spring and autumn. Because of this, the wise decision is to spray closed cell foam with R-7 per inch to support consistent ambient air temperatures. Open cell foam only provides an R-3.8 per inch, and therefore better serves residents in climates with more consistent seasons.

Unlike open cell foam, closed cell foam provides a natural vapor barrier. Wisconsin residents are required to have a vapor barrier in their homes to protect the structure from moisture damage. Closed cell spray foam insulation provides that, making it an idyllic solution to meet building code while providing excellent R-value. If a Wisconsin resident chooses to insulate with open cell foam, they will still need to install a vapor barrier to meet code by putting a thin amount of closed cell foam or plastic sheet over the open cell foam. Open cell foam is a better solution for southern homes and buildings where the temperatures are more consistent throughout the year and vapor barriers are not necessary. 

The Best Time To Insulate

There's a myth floating around in the world of insulation that it's not possible to spray foam in the cold. Well our team put that myth to the test! Conclusion? Our premium spray foam rigs and product deliver high quality foam all year- even during freezing Wisconsin winters. There is no need to wait on the weather to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Check out this video to see us put our crew to the test.

DIY Insulation vs. Hiring An Insulation Contractor

Ensure your insulation is up to code and running with maximum energy efficient with professional installation from our trained experts. As you can see from our video, spray foam is applied wet, expands and then hardens. This mixture contains chemicals that are best handled by trained technicians for your safety. Misuse of these chemicals can cause serious and fatal injuries. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hiring an insulation professional, and the team at Diversified Insulation prefers their work to speak for them. Take a look below at what our customers have to say:


"Mike and his crew are awesome!! Were there early, got done early, and the work was great! Cleaned up everything! Easy to work with, fair, and honest! Insulation is one of those 'things' us homeowners think we can either do ourselves, or don't make a difference getting it done by a pro. Well, I am a super nerd with my digital laser (say like Dr Evil) thermometer and temp differentials I took rooms DI did vs what we did ourselves are the proof in the insulation pudding it pays to hire a pro!" - Krista Szubert, 3/11/20


"I love how promptly this company was able to come and give us an estimate. The other thing I appreciated was that once they gave us an estimate they didn’t pressure us to make a decision. When we decided to go with them we were able to get a date for installation quickly. The guys were friendly, courteous and clean— Everything you look for in people working in your home! I would not hesitate to call them again!!" Lisa Thielke, 10/20/20


"Diversified was highly professional and super helpful along our project. They were super patient in answering all my questions and concerns. The crew was fast, efficient, and cleaned up great. Heck - they even put my garbage cans away for me when they were done. Who does that?! Thanks!" - Paul Lemke, 3/4/21


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